Seeing Red: Extinction and Other Mysteries Surrounding the Redhead


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“Seeing Red explores the popular notion that redheads are well on their way to extinction. It was this curious rumor that piqued the interest of Stewart Cohen. Which ignited a desire to untangle the mystery surrounding red hair with a fine tooth comb, examining a cross section of gingers from all walks of life.

The result is a series of portraits captured in a way that Stewart envisioned an extinct species to be displayed. Although, each of the redheads captured on these pages seem to be that much more full of life.”

Credit: Caliber Creative | Design 

"The choice to take on Seeing Red as a passion project was an easy one for Caliber - and one colored by a shared love of redheads. Having several "gingers" within our clan and scattered throughout our closest circles, we're a bit partial. It also presented the exciting opportunity to collaborate with the talented Stewart Cohen, who we knew would beautifully capture every subject in the book. And, lastly, as a branding firm that strives to stand out in a crowd and help our clients do the same, we appreciate the qualities at the root of what makes redheads fascinating - their mystique, their inherent uniqueness and their inability to be overlooked or ignored."

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