“The sun on a brunetteʼs hair looks red. The sun on a redheadʼs hair looks like Heaven on Earth.”

— Unknown

“When I think back about my immediate reaction to that redhead girl, it seems to spring from an appreciation of natural beauty. I mean the heart pleasure you get from looking at speckled leaves or the palimpsested bark of plane trees in Provence. There was something richly appealing to her color combination, the ginger snaps floating in the milk-white skin, the golden highlights in the strawberry hair. It was like autumn, looking at her. It was like driving up north to see the colors.”

— Jeffrey Eugenides, Middlesex

“A face without freckles is like a night without stars.”

— Unknown

“Once in his life, every man is entitled to fall in love with a gorgeous redhead.”

- Lucille Ball

“It’s impossible to hide as a redhead.”

— Sarah Cooper

“Youʼd find it easier to be bad than good if you had red hair. People who havenʼt red hair donʼt know what trouble is.”

— Anne of Green Gables

“While the rest of the species is descended from apes, redheads are descended from cats.”

— Mark Twain

“Red hair is God’s way of giving the world roses.”

— Unknown

“If you want trouble…find yourself a redhead.”

— Unknown

“I think the coolest thing about being a redhead is that it’s technically a mutated gene, so that means we are superhuman!”

— Abby Spears

“I’m prone to stealing people’s souls.”

— Patrick Kleinburg

“When Redheads are born they don’t have souls, so we collect them from the people we meet in life and they show up on our skin as freckles.”

— Jonny Miller

“My hair makes me unique. People remember me by my hair. They’re like “There’s that redheaded girl!’… and I like that everyone thinks I look like Merida from Brave.”

— Meagan Murphy

“I’m fiery and tenacious, and I feel more powerful being a redhead.”

— Tiffany Bryan

“There is more, much more, to being a redhead than the color of one’s hair.”

— Unknown

“The blood of a redheaded woman is three degrees cooler than the blood of a normal woman. This has been established by medical studies.”

— Joe Hill

“Gentlemen may prefer blondes. But it takes a real man to handle a redhead.”

— Unknown

“The blood of a redheaded woman is three degrees cooler than the blood of a normal woman. This has been established by medical studies.”

— Joe Hill

“Out of the ash I rise with my red hair and I eat men like air.”

— Silvia Plath

“It was great having red hair as a kid because I had something to blame my temper on.”

— Isla Fisher

“Boys love it mostly because it makes them think about inappropriate things.”

— Jessica Pope

“All of the old people would come up to me as a child and say where’d you get that red hair?”

— Daniel Forythe

“I’ve had years of teasing about my red hair, but I definitely think it toughened me up. If you’re ginger, you end up pretty quick-witted.”

— Ed Sheeran

”Be a little feisty and have a little opinion and then blame it on your red hair”

— Amber Sutphin

“This lady came up to me and said, ‘Oh my god I love your red hair. It’s my favorite!’ and I said ‘Oh marry me before you get sober please!”

— Rob Armstrong

“Being a redhead and walking into a room is a very powerful tool. Like it or not you get noticed!”

— Lark Johnston

“Redheads are like other women — only more so.”

— Playboy Magazine

“There was never a Saint with red hair.”

— Russian Proverb

“I love redheads. It’s not the hair color, it’s the crazy.”

— Michael Makai

Red Hair “the crown you never take off.”

— Unknown

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