Peek is a look through the lens of Stewart Cohen in his off hours on location around the globe.

Peek- Volume 1 is a look through the lens of Stewart Cohen in the off hours on his many locations around the globe. Each volume will be designed by a different creative professional with no rules or direction from Stewart. The first volume was created by Mark Mintle, Creative Director at TM Advertising. He reviewed an extensive set of Cohen’s photographs and designed this first zine using his favorites.

“The great part about all the location shooting we do is going out after hours and finding things that are visually cool that have no bearing on what I would conjure up on my own. I had been thinking on how to show these eclectic images and landed on the idea of a “zine” that will live as a series with different creatives designing each volume. In this first issue, I invited Marc Mintle, to give me his take on a huge folder of my images. It’s fun to see what creative people do with my work when there is no brief and no rules.” –Stewart Cohen, Director/Photographer, SCPictures

“As I looked through hundreds of Stewart’s images, certain ones immediately began to belong together and tell a story in my head. The work is so beautiful and the in-camera cropping so mindful, that I left all images exactly how he gave them to me.” Marc Mintle, Creative Director, TM Advertising

Stewart Cohen is a Director/Photographer and visionary behind SCPictures, which is a full-service production company based in Dallas, Texas. Born in Canada, Stewart has traveled the globe pursuing his passion for storytelling through the lens of a camera. Stewart is known for his skillful approach to capturing people in the moment in motion and stills. He truly enjoys directing and creating stories that are not only powerful, but authentic and his visual approach is honest, resonant, and cinematic.

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